Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dolphino's Birthday

We had a mini gathering, dinner at waraku marina plus ktv at kbox marina square on Wednesday Evening. It's was very enjoyable.
deedee and dolphino outside waraku.
The nice photo that deedee took.Nobody had chawan mushi (steamed egg) except me.

Potato Mochi Cheese

See the cheese oozing out.

Dolphino ordered some vegetables, cos she din have any for a long time.

Saba (Mackerel)... The skin is crispy like paper.

Agedashi Tofu, One EACH!
I ordered agenasu Minced Curry, Deep fried eggplants & vegetables minced beef with curry soup noodles.
Does the actual thing look like the one in the menu? It's too salty for consumption. I think that it's the minced beef.
Jayce ordered Una Tama Don
Dolphino ordered chanpon Udon.
deedee ordered Yasai Curry Udon.
The size of the bowl is bigger than her head wor... but it doesn't taste good, cos the vegetables are a bit too raw, and califlower and broccoli doesnt really match japanese curry hor.
After the filling dinner, we went to ktv, where huiqiang joins us.
Dun pray pray, he's my ONLY first class honours, with masters under AMP. He's super nice guy, cos so good to bully.
Me with the birthday girl, dolphino
Group photo, the service guy at kbox is so good and friend. he prepared the cake with candle lighted up at midnight, prepares the plates, fork, servette. and he also sings the birthday song for us. Where to find such a nice guy? but I still prefer party world.. haha
Huiqiang sponsored this birthday cake from emicakes. See it's so delicous! there's berries inside as filling.
I feed you, you feed me, so SWEET!!!


Johnny Wadd said...

All that looks delicious!

keelyn said...

Some quite delicious, some not so delicious :P

deedee said...

keke i love the blackforest cake!! and yea lor, u feed me, i feed u... so sweet hor? kekeke~ :P

keelyn said...

Yah loh, go out again shortly

deedee said...

i just spent the whole morning till now sitting here to edit photos and update my blog... finally updated... really sit here for hours nv move very headachy now. hahaha~ why am i whining in your blog?! =x

yea let's meet again soon! :D

keelyn said...

Good!!! There's updates!!!

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