Sunday, March 01, 2009

"Fish Head" Steamboat at Home

Last weekend, we had a bad experience on 25th Feb (the day which I got my driving license) at the Fish Head Steamboat at the hawker centre downstairs... We paid $25 for a fish head steamboat which we did not really eat much meat. Only fish bones, lotsa yam, vegetables. They do not even put tofu or tomatoes inside loh...

So... We decided to make our own "Fish Head" Steamboat.... As both of us do not know how to appreciate fish head. We chosen Salmon Fillet Instead.
Deep Fried Yam, Seaweed, Tofu and Tomatoes
Cabbages and Caixin.
The soup base, with mushrooms, corn and few pieces of ginger to make the soup sweet. I've added in some red dates and wolfberries also.
All the ingredients "dumped" inside
Ready to be eaten...
The results taste so much better than the hawker centre loh. I think only cost about $10 for all these ingredients.


Qi said...

ho ho ho, no Fish Head one le... must change the name to fish slice steamboat... LOL
Less than $10 really cheap!

keelyn said...

Talking about capital cost of $10

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